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World Champ Dreams at a Stand Still

It seems that due to financial constraints NZ will have to go another two years with out a WBMC representative.

But we are still committed to being the NZ reps at the 2013 Champs in Germany.

We will continue spreading the beardy love and looking for your support in the road to the 2013 champs!

Introducing... The All Beards

The All Beards are the new players in the international competitive beard and moustache scene.

Hamilton ‘beardsmen’ Jeremy Mayall (27) and Jason Hansen (33), are the All Beards, and they want to give New Zealand its first dose of international facial glory. 

New Zealand has a proud facial hair history. When Sir Edmund Hillary conquered Mount Everest he wore a beard. Film-maker Sir Peter Jackson has always proudly worn his whiskers while taking New Zealand’s cinema industry to Oscar winning level. But even our two famous bearded knights never took their gorgeous gorse jaws to the competition.

Jeremy and Jason plan to do just that and while beards are fun, engaging and put smiles on peoples faces, these two Hamilton beardsmen are very serious.

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Help the All Beards get to the World Beard and Moustache Competition. Every donation goes towards travelling to the competition in Norway.

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